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Dave Hayward:
Hi All,

Crime & Punishment #10 plus #59 uploaded earlier today. ;D

Real downer as the copy of Crime Does Not Pay #75 sent to upgrade the existing scan missing the CF, is also missing its CF - wrong copy sent  :'(

Correct item is being shipped, so it will eventually be upgraded but not as soon as I thought.  :(

Other uploads will be made as soon as I can scan the books.


Thanks Dave for the recent uploads.  It's really great seeing the crime comics of my "youth"  :)

Just added your latest scans Dave.
Many thanks for all the work you have been doing on these Lev crime books.

Still more from Dave -

- Crime Does Not Pay 135
- Crime Does Not Pay 114
- Crime Does Not Pay 062
- Crime Does Not Pay 065 (diff ver)-c2c

Thanks Dave!

darkmark (RIP):
Neat stuff, Dave!  Keep up the crime!


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