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Exact Date of Publication for Whiz Comics #1 (Ashcan covers) and Whiz Comics #2

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Carl Shinyama:
Hello all! This is my first post here. My name is Carl Shinyama and I am the site owner of Shazam Movie Fan Page. I am planning a series of special articles celebrating the character on his birthday with a pretty in-depth look at his history. However, all I can find on the exact publication dates were that the Ashcan covers were published in late 1939 and that Whiz Comics #2 was published in February of 1940. I figure that coming here, there would more likely be some Golden Age historians, and that this is probably my best shot to get help in pointing me in the right direction. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!



GCD gives a Jan. 1940 date here -

Mike's Amazing World of Comics shows the first issue of Whiz Comics as on sale December 1, 1939.

Carl Shinyama:
Thank you both so much! That's exactly what I was looking for!

mr_goldenage (RIP):
Keltner's Index gives it 1/1940 so be it.



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