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Issue with ssi.php


This is likely a transitory message, but I'm reporting it as an FYI. This morning, on the login.php page, I received this message:

Notice: SSI.php was unable to load a session! This may cause problems with logout and other functions - please make sure SSI.php is included before *anything* else in all your scripts! in /home/gac/public_html/forum/SSI.php on line 189

This may also affect the ability to send email via the Contact option. When I attempted to send the message above via the mail form, the Captcha did not accept my entry, even though several were (or seemed to be) correct. In each case, there was no error message, but when I clicked to submit, the Captcha screen refreshed instead.

Odd!  I'll pass this along to CaptDJ, our code guru.
Thanks for the alert CW.


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