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Frank Godwin?

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--- Quote from: crashryan on May 29, 2014, 11:49:08 AM ---I've seen references to Frank Godwin's stories in Wonder Woman, but I've never seen one. GCD says two appeared in 1976 reprints. Does anyone know an online source of sample pages?
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Typing "frank godwin wonder woman" brought up this link

His work appeared in Sensation Comics #18 & 19. Not sure if he did more than that though.

I am ashamed to say that before three or four days ago I had never heard of this man.

I am going to be looking into his life and art more in the near future.


Thanks, SuperScrounge, for that link. I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't think to try that simple search.

It's obviously Godwin, but it doesn't look like he put much effort into it. But then imitating H. G. Peter may have taken a lot of effort, considering how unalike the two men's styles were. I wonder if Godwin, with his background of mainstream illustration, felt like he was slumming drawing comic books. I don't imagine they paid as well as magazine and book illustration.

Been a little while since this was last posted to, but I wanted to give a more complete answer. Godwin's Wonder Woman appeared in Sensation Comics #16-19, and 21 and Comic Cavalcade #2. I only have Wonder Woman Archives through vol.3, so I can't attest to later material, but I think that this might be all.


Mr. Izaj:
 The two Wonder Woman stories Frank Godwin did in Sensation Comics #s16 & 17 were reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives vol. 2. The other three from Sensation Comics #s 18, 19, and 21 appear in Wonder Woman Archives vol. 3.  The story from Comic Cavalcade #2 appears in Comic Cavalcade Archives vol1.


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