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Frank Godwin?

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I've seen references to Frank Godwin's stories in Wonder Woman, but I've never seen one. GCD says two appeared in 1976 reprints. Does anyone know an online source of sample pages?

Also, I've seen statements that Godwin drew some stories for Lev Gleason in the 1940s. Does anyone know where they appeared?

I can't help with Wonder Woman, though it it true I've seen the stories. There is some Godwin art here though in his Vignettes of Life comic strip available in Classic Newspaper strips

Jon--Yes, I've found those Godwin Vignettes of Life. Stupendous drawing! Can't get enough of this guy.

Absolutely Stunning!!!
What say you JVJ????

How could I say anything but echo your thoughts, B? I have Godwin's work in Life from its earliest incarnations and its gorgeous. And his color work can rival Maxfield Parrish. I put several color plates by him into ImageS #12 to great acclaim I also featured him in one of the biographies I wrote 10-15 years ago: Great artist. Peace, Jim (|:{>


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