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Fett has just finished another title we only needed the one to complete!

Now up...  Warpath 001!



--- Quote from: darkmark (RIP) on April 17, 2014, 01:45:49 AM ---I think I posted something similar to this before, but I'm struck with how many series of which we only need one issue.  Here's my list:
Amazing Adventure Funnies #2
Bang-Up Comics #3
Book of Comics #1
Captain Marvel, Jr. #53
Captain Marvel Thrill Book #1
Cat-Man Comics #22
Complete Book of Comics and Funnies #1
Contact Comics #1
Dagar, Desert Hawk #23
Dick Cole #10
Don Winslow of the Navy #4
Feature Comics #27
Jo-Jo #16
Liberty Guards Comics #1
Mask Comics #1
OK Comics #1
Red Seal Comics #19
Samson #5
Star Studded Comics #1
Startling Comics #18
Stuntman Comics #3
Superworld Comics #1
Tailspin Comics #1

Edited:  Added Captain Marvel, Jr. #53

--- End quote ---
I am missing Fox's Jo-Jo Comics #s 3, 4 and 6.

I'm guessing that this website's patrons are almost exclusively NON-collectors/readers of "Funny Animal" comics, and so, consider Jo-Jo Comics # 1-6 as a "different series" from that of those issues starting with #7 (and the change of genre to "Jungle Adventure").  And, yet, both runs of this title are listed together on this website as one series.  It seems that the list of series needing scans of only one issue on page 1 of this thread really only refers to Human-figure non-comedy series (or, perhaps, only series containing Superhero and other action-adventure-based series).

I am a funny animal and cartoony human-figure comedy comics fan, and had hoped there would be a decent amount of other collectors of my genres here.  But, sadly, it seems they make up only a tiny % of users of this website.  I understand that my favourite genres are the most prone to remain outside the Public Domain at the present time, and that, at least for The USA and The UK (and British Commonwealth countries -if not also the rest of The World), the great majority of overall % of current traditional style comic book readers is
reads and collects those action-based human-figure genres, plus Romance, Horror and other non-comedy and cartoony animation-related comics.   

Hi Robb,
DM was just wrong about only needing Jo-Jo #16.  We still need that and the issues you've mentioned.
We hope ALL the missing books eventually show up, humour, teen, romance, all of them!


Thanks to Atomicsteve's latest upload, we only need one more issue of Coo-Coo to finish the run.

If anyone out there owns Coo Coo Comics 060, PLEASE consider scanning it or let a trusted scanner do it for you. 


With Jetstone's recent upload of Jamboree Comics 2, that series is complete.


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