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We only need one of these!

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Thanks a lot titansfan! I (and I'm sure many others) look forward to seeing scans of your books.


That's great news TF!
Thanks very much for reaching out to us.

Just had an idea I thought I'd float by you guys.  Some of the missing issues are kinda pricey.   Has anyone ever thought of teaming up to buy a missing issue, scanning it and the reselling.  It could be resold for what we paid and then everyone gets their money back after the sale.  Just wondering if anyone had considered this.  I'd be game to help out with the cost.

These things come up from time to time.
They don't last very long for various reasons.
DCM doesn't officially support or discourage such ideas.

Not to veer the thread off into a tangent, but has anyone floated the idea of making it more official than just some individuals teaming up? Such as an official DCM fund for buying and selling that people would give to and not expect money back from. Someone would be a designated buyer, the books would be sent to official scanners, and then sold again? It's just a thought. It would be a lot of work to setup and coordinate, so I could understand it not being something someone (or some people) would want to take on, but as we get down to some of the rarer and pricier books it may be something to consider.



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