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Comics are all our hobby, but what other BIG HOBBY OF INTEREST might you have?

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I am a fan of the Black Dwarf. I downloaded the story to read later.

I watch a lot of movies on dvd, since I really don't watch regular tv.  Any type of movie is fair game as long as it's entertaining.  I try to doodle something and pick-up a guitar/bass everyday if I have enough time to myself.  I'm also a fan of ice hockey, but I haven't been able to watch many games over the last few years, so I make-up for it by wearing a different jersey everyday.

paw broon:
We enjoy old British b&w films, particularly comedies with Arthur Askey; Will Hay; Walls and Lynn.  And old thrillers, more and more of which are being released on dvd.
Both of us are big American football fans and I've been following it for decades.
Languages absolutely intrigue me and I go to a French class and Italian class every week.  Lets me read the amazing amount of European comics out there.  I have enough Spanish to read old Spanish language comics, or get the gist at any rate.  Having a dabble in Catalan.
Old British pop and r'n'b top my music listening. Small Faces; Stones; Dr. Feelgood; The Pirates; Pretty Things; Big Three, lots more.
Gardening is good fun, that's when we get decent enough weather here to go out and do stuff.  Especially good as we can eat a lot of what we grow.  Then cooking, and we're not too bad.  We are also very good at drinking Italian and French wine.
I played in a couple of pop and r'n'b bands when I was a teenager and in my early 20's and was the chanter, playing a bit of rhythm guitar as well.  But nowadays, my throat isn't up to it and I couldn't form some of those chords now.  Doesn't stop me jumping about kidding on I'm Phil May. :D

Hmm.  I haven't heard of The Pirates; Pretty Things; Big Three.  I'll have to check them out.
One I love that most haven't heard of is The Flamin' Groovies.   'Slow Death' and 'Shake Some Action' being my favs.

paw broon:
Yoc, I have the 45vinyl of Shake Some Action.  So good.
Don't want anyone to go without some loud old hard guitar racket, so, The Pirates were the backing band to Johnny Kidd and after he was killed in a car crash, they got back together in the '70's. A power trio on the real sense with the monster talents of the late Mick Green on guitar. This is a youtube video of them live in the perfect venue - hot, sweaty, loud.  At 5.56, there's a version of the Johnny Kidd classic, Shakin' all Over.

The Pretty Things, for a while in the early '60's they could have been rivals of the Stones, they were, imo.  Still playing and there is some great footage of them with Dave Gilmour guesting, on you tube.  But this is them early. Turn up the vol. 'cos that intro. is great.  Dick Taylor still plays excellent guitar and Phil May is so powerful and emotional.
The Big Three were an early '6o's trio that Brian Epstein ruined.  Not a lot of their work survives but there are some Live at The Cavern tracks - not well balanced or recorded, that might give you flavour.  Brian Griffiths was an early guitar hero of mine.
and here they are with Peanut Butter:-

Modifying this to add that I also enjoy and search out old serials and weird, mainly Turkish and Mexican, masked mystery men films.  I interrupted watching a Turkish Phantom film to write this.

I'm having a bit of trouble with youtube hanging, so I hope the links work.
 All this isn't off-topic as this music has been a life long companion.


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