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Comics are all our hobby, but what other BIG HOBBY OF INTEREST might you have?

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Mine would have to be classic Hollywood anything before 1960, or better yet, before 1950. This includes Silents.
30 years ago when video came in, my local library sold all their old 8mm movies at the annual booksale.
I snarfed them all up at 25ยข each. I have about 35 hours worth of what is mostly old time silent comedies, with a few others like Nosferatu and a nice silent "Man in the Iron Mask" with Douglas Fairbanks (a abridged version, but fun nontheless).

I like old movies, too. I play guitar. And support comic artists via commissioning ;-)

Hey, I could do a commission for you if you would like!!!!

Hi B,
If you ever felt like doing a DCM banner for us feel free.  We could especially use some 'generic' genre banners like the romance one I made for last February.  I could send you a PhotoShop template if you could use it.  Send me a PM if you'd like to discuss it.

And I too am a fan of film.  Precode, noir, sci-fi, comedy, etc.  Blondell, Cagney, Fonda, Stewart, Hitchcock, etc. 
I also am a fan of the history of ice-hockey in America.  Focused most on the pre-NHL era.


For the past few years I've been writing adventure stories of various genre. This includes stories about various public domain characters from both the pulps and comics books. The characters include the Phantom Detective, the Black Bat, the Moon Man, and (believe it or not) Chesler's The Black Dwarf. I've also written one short novel called "Dr. Watson's American Adventure." I'm working on a sequel to that.

Black Dwarf story (free) is here:

If you have any questions, please send me a message.

Please check out my Facebook Author's Page


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