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Lie To Me !!

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Lie To Me

you post 3 things about yourself, people guess which is the lie.

So me

1) I sailed around the world singled handed.

2) I got bitten by a snake that fell out of the sky while riding a motorbike.

3) I put an axe into my foot twice trying to kill a snake.

which is the lie?

Zog 1 and Snard 2

1) I had a small stone in my hand for a couple of years.

2) I won a pie eating contest in my early twenties.

3) I dropped out of high school as a Junior.

well, you're right. it was number one.


Snard 2 (I think it was slabbed)
narfstar 1 (I think foot rather than hand)

1) I once shot a deer in the eye at 500 yrds

2) The first beer I ever brewed was a German Hefeweizen

3) I once had a cat named "Dawg" and a bird named "Charlie"

Amicus 1


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