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You can now scan comics at Washington's Library of Congress

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 It would interesting to see photos of the setup at the Library of Congress where this is all done.
Where it is, the equipment and how you do it.
I would find it facinating. Being way up in the woods of north Wisconsin I will most likely never be able to visit the LC anytime soon.
Thanks for all your efforts!

fan777 (RIP):
the setup at the LOC is very boring, just desks and equipment with the scanner dominating the center of the floor. they also have color microfiche readers for research.

I really want to encourage anyone who lives within 200 miles of DC to go and scan or plan a vacation there.  I stayed at HI Washington for $35. a night breakfast included. Greyhound will take you to Union station which is a short bus ride or walk to the Madison Bldg. It will take about 20 minutes to get a library card good for 2 years. You can bring a laptop into the reading room but no bags. There plenty of great comics left to scan.  Everything is saved to your flashdrive for editing at a later date.  Check your work, it's easy to make a mistake on the touchscreen or forget a save.

Thanks for finding and offering all this info Carl!
DCM would also like to encourage any members interested in filling holes on DCM to consider this opportunity.  Especially local members such as Sooth above.

Drusilla lives!:
Just wondering... has anyone here ever ventured to New York City and visited the main research library of the NYPL?  I actually worked there briefly waaaay back in my early college years (as a library page) and I think I recall them having a comic book collection. 

I think you need to fill out a special visitation request in advance (since obviously some of the items are quite valuable), and I'm not sure they allow scanning, but it might be worth looking into anyway.

Back in junior high, this was my dream job. Surrounded by old comics all the time and able to read them, catalog them, and basically be a librarian just for them.  I'm glad to hear that such a job exists and that these resources are being made available to the public.

Do you know if the LOC has any concerns regarding scanning of comics?  I assume the answer is no, but I can't find anything in their FAQs referencing copyright or anything, although for PD comics, that shouldn't be an issue, I suppose.
If I ever make it back to DC and have some time, I'm definitely going to stop by.

Your link, by the way, is incorrect, and should be


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