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You can now scan comics at Washington's Library of Congress

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Thanks for the correct Bill, I've fixed the post.

Went by a second time, learned a few more things.

(1) Most DEFINITELY do send your request ahead of time, 1-2 days before. Not a few hours before.  mea culpa. 

(2) They close at 9:30 PM on Monday/Wednesdays/Thursdays, so it seemed the most ideal time to do it after work, at least for me.  Unfortunately, I learned last night that all the comics must be returned at 7:45 PM so they can be put in the vault. This is a recent change so it puts a (slight) wrench in my plans.

(3) I used 2 white backing boards taped together to give me a white background while taking scans (photos?) - it seemed to help a little bit. I also moved the whole book up a bit more to the other end of the scanning table, and pressed the darken button twice and it seemed to me that the results were better. There's still a slight pinkish bleed on the edges towards the bottom on the outside gutters, and it's mostly in reaction to the tanning edges of the book itself. If anyone has used a Book2net kiosk scanner ( and has tips on how to improve scan quality, I'm all eyes/ears!  Oh yeah, I also used two metal brackets to hold down the book to get a flatter scan.

(4) I hope to begin doing full book scans very soon (I've been doing page fills the first two trips) - Yoc has graciously agreed to be the point person at DCM for me to coordinate things with, so THANK YOU YOC! :)

(5) Using the online catalog:  It's not the most easiest system - some things require some creativity in searching for things. For example, I couldn't search for Dell's Large Feature books, but by searching for only "Gang Busters" I found an entry that had #10 listed - which is Large Feature #10. YMMV...but if you find books through some arcane search terms, be sure to let Yoc or whoever know.

(6) Oh yeah - don't bother bringing a bag with your stuff in it - they'll make you check it in at the coat room.  They will let you have a plastic (clear) bag that you can put your things you need in and take it to the Periodicals room. I am just going to go straight to the room with this plastic bag next time.

I'll update this with things I learn from subsequent visits.


Thanks for the info Sooth, especially the name and model of their scanner!

Anyone that wants to work with Sooth here should contact me so he isn't swamped with requests.  Use the PM button or send me an email or post here.

Sooth, if anyone contacts you directly feel free to send them my way if you like.

Thanks again for all your work Sooth and to fan777 for revealing this world of opportunity to us!

WOW! I wish the Toronto Metro Library got this... I would be there every day!


The problem with the colouring on the LOC scanner has been corrected.
Our thanks to Soothsayr for alerting them to the situation.


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