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file numbering format

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Captain DJ:
Have changed code so when a user clicks download a .zip files changes to .cbz and .rar files change to .cbr
So no .zip / .rar files should now ever be offered to downloaded

No change on uploads, users can still upload .zip and .rar files.

Thanks very much Capt.  A nice update for those especially unable to change file formats for any reason.


A welcome change! Thank you all for for considering, discussing, and implementing  8)

Captain DJ:
We always welcome suggestions, if community want the change then we will make it

Captain DJ:
We have made one further change and we have changed the upload function to now detect the file type being uploaded and will auto fix common file extension problems.

For example:
a .zip file uploaded as a .cbr file will be auto fixed to a .cbz file
a .rar file uploaded will be auto fixed to .cbr

This should reduce work on staff and stop common problems with Comic Preview feature etc.


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