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Would it be possible for the format for the naming of all the files posted to DCM to be coordinated, with DCM setting a single standard that everyone could follow? 

Many of the issues posted do not have their full titles and sometimes have only a few letters and no number or they lead with the publisher or a code number.  All of this makes it difficult to find and sort files downloaded from DCM. 

I think a good format could be something like -- full title of the series -- followed by issue number -- followed by any variant descriptive information, such as the year or number of pages.  Also there should be a single standard for spaces, such as the underline symbol "_".

So an example would be: Horrors_At_Midnight_004_1952_36pp.cbr 

If all posters followed such a simple standard format, think of what a pleasure that would be when sorting your downloaded files!

DCM is a superb site, and I love it the way it is, of course.  However, I think this one little change could elevate its functionality up a couple of notches. 

Thanks for listening to my opinion.  Looking forward to your thoughts on this matter.

Would it be possible, sure. Is it likely to happen, no I doubt it.

More importantly, I'd hate to see any animosity develop about the "right" way to name files. I wouldn't think it would, but then back when several of us were getting GCD started, I never could have imagined how much rancor would develop over things like whether the genre is "funny animal" or "anthropomorphic" either. This is a wonderfully pleasant group, and I'd really hate to see anything happen to it.

John C:
I feel like we already make people's contributions feel unwelcome (even though they're very welcome) with what few rules we keep to.

More importantly, there is no standard that makes more than a small minority happy.  I want spaces in filenames, just the title and number, the number zero-padded to the length of the series, and (if needed) pages missing.  Some people want everything about the comic, like the publisher, year, scanner name, how it was edited, and so forth.  Yours is different than both extremes.

The net result is that (almost) everybody is going to need to rename the files they save anyway.

I have a possible solution brewing, but I need the time to work out the details and get it running.  I'll mention it when I have something to show.

Your replies are very appreciated.  Thanks for your insights into the etiquette of posting to this site.  As you say, nothing is more important than the contribution of the files to the site with all other considerations being secondary.

That being said, your answers made two ideas come to mind.  Perhaps a simple suggestion (and not a rule), something like "please try to put the complete title first when naming your files" might be accepted by the majority of uploaders?.

Also, is it possible for the administrators of DCM to rename new files?  The uploads are processed to some degree when you put them up on your site, so why not rename each file at that time? 

Hope you don't mind the further discussion of this subject, as I feel it would make a difference to the site. 

Your site is wonderful and my ideas are submitted with all due respect.  Thank you for your kind attention.

Upon re-reading the above comments, I realized I should clarify my original comment.  My intent was not to suggest a required uniform format of my design or any design, nor was it to eliminate the need to re-name files once down-loaded.

My point, which perhaps I did not make clearly, was that once downloaded, some files are hard to even identify or find.  Afterall, there are quite a few files at DCM with names like "erwt23ter(sfe).cbr" or "3553___et___wrt.cbr" or even "00.cbr". 

So the only point I wanted to make was that it would be helpful to place the series title at the beginning of any given file name.  I agree uploaders should not be required to follow a lot of rules, but perhaps making a gentle suggestion might help more uploaders to realize the usefulness of having at least the series title at the beginning of a file name.

Thanks for listening to my idea.  Love your wonderful site.


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