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What do the extra abbreviations in the scan titles mean...?


Hey guys I'm new here and wanted to know what the extra abbreviations in the title mean  :-/


(diff ver)

These are just a few I've come across.

Geo (RIP):
OK Yannie I'll post what they mean for you.

(paper): Means it was scanned from a paper copy.
(diff ver): Means it is another copy of the same book that was first posted up.
(c2c): It is a complete book with all the ads, text stories included.
(JVJ):This is a book the was given out to some of the scanners by JVJ from his great collection.
(inc): A book that is missing ads, text stories, maybe even some stories.
(paper+fich): Means a book that is part paper with fiche (microfiche) which is filmed copies of books, comics as well as other material that would not be available other wise if it was not copied, Use mostly in a a library setting.
More on "fiche" at this link:,3557.0.html

I would hope this gives you some information on these. Please continue to enjoy the site.


Hi Yannie,
Let me break down the extra abbreviations for you:
(paper) -scanned from a paper source(fiche) - scanned from a microfiche source(diff ver) - an alternate scan of the issue already on the site(c2c) - Cover To Cover scan - the complete book without anything missing.(JVJ) - Orignial comic donated for scanning from the Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr collection(inc) - an Incomplete scan - pages are missing.(paper+11fiche) - this scan contains paper and fiche scans in an attempt to get the most complete version possible
I think that covers most of them.
Thanks for asking,

Ah, Geo beat me to it!


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