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SURVEY - what would you say is the most common problem you have using DCM?

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What about some kind of table of contents drop down?

A few years ago I was reading all the Archie stories in order and Jackpot Comics was annoying since I'd have to click click click through all the pages until I got to the Archie story. I had a similar problem when I was checking The Barker stories to see if a Canadian White had ripped off one of those stories (it had).

So while it's a pie in the sky, probably take a lot of volunteers to fully implement, idea, I think it might be nice if one day someone looking for a specific feature in a specific comic, could just select that story from a dropdown and be taken to that page, without all the clicking they do now.

It's been talked about but the fast solution when reading a book via the site's PREVIEW feature is to use the Thumbnails view to find the story you want.  Click on the icon that looks like three 'landscape paintings' in the upper right and a drop down of page thumbnails will appear.  Click the right or left arrows to see more thumbnails until you find your story.

Thanks for your input,

darkmark (RIP):
Using the still-wanted books list.  The thing won't open up in Chrome.

Hmm.  But will it open on any other browser you have?  I've let ML and Moose know about the problem.  They are the brains behind this wonderful list.



Please provide a few additional details if you can. What URL are you using to view the list? Does the problem only happen with Chrome, or does it also occur with other browsers? What type of internet connection are you using, and what operating system are you using?  The more details you provide, the better we can assist.


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