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SURVEY - what would you say is the most common problem you have using DCM?

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Good good!

Toooooo many choices  :-\  ;D How many millions of comics do you have on DCM :-/  Working well for me, thank you, great site.

Thanks for your kind words Face.
We have a 'DCM Stats' topic I update each month here -,1862.0.html

We've got just over 21,000 scans on the site these days.

This site has become useless.  When I try to log-in to download a comic, it says I have to go to the forum.  When I go there, it says I'm logged in.  When I go back to download, it happens all over again!  It's just stupid. Why do I need to log-in to DL a 70 year old comic?   >:(

Hi thailites,
Actually this is a problem that occasionally pops up for some.
We write about it in this topic -

"Are you a member but you can't login to download on DCM? READ HERE FIRST!"

I suspect if you log out and in while on the forum it should help.
Good luck!


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