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SURVEY - what would you say is the most common problem you have using DCM?

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And you must also have Java Script enabled.  The list does take a while to open for me here.  That green line slowly crawls across the page left to right before it finally appears.


I have problems w/ it on Chrome.  It works fine on IE.

I've asked some other Chrome users and the list works for them DM so I don't think there's anything we can do on our end to help you.

The only thing I would further suggest is to temporarily disable any extensions you have installed for Chrome, and see if the list loads once you've done that. If that fixes it, then re-enable each extension, one at a time, checking to see if the list still loads.

For anyone who might be interested: the list was created using Awesome Table, which provides a filtered and paged view of Google spreadsheet data.

The thing is working for me now, which is good.


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