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I Could Use a Primer on Certain Quality Artists

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Mr. Izaj:
 I could use a slight primer on how to identify the artwork of such Quality staffers as Al Bryant, Dan Zolnerwich, and Alex Kotsky. Any one have any ideas?

Yeah, couldn't we ALL?

Wish I were able to distinguish them. Problem with Quality is the INKERS. They drive me batty. I was looking through some Crack Westerns to update the index cards before sending them to RangerHouse for scanning and I SWEAR I'm seeing some Bernie Krigstein pencils under those heavy, monotonous Quality inks. He's never been known to work for Quality. After the books get posted, I'll have to ask for some feedback from viewers...

Peace, Jim (|:{>

Of anyone, Jim here (above) has done the best job of it. Those notes are in his comic scans. AFter writing the Quality Companion, I started keeping some more detailed notes on exactly those artists, too. Sadly, I haven't had sufficient time to finish this research. Al Bryant is a major penciller whom I'd like to index. So underrated!

Bob Hughes:

Check out my Quality artists id page:

I'm particularly interested in feedback where I've mis identified people.  Also people whose work I've missed entirely.

How did I miss your page?? This is fantastic and makes me want to start digging again. I'm sure you've already researched these well, and I have lots of questions. Do you think John Celardo did the first Wonder Boy story? Of the ones on your page, the most questionable in my mind are the Charles Nicholas, Zolnerowich, Mazoujian, Celdardo because they're all wonky in similar ways.

Also, I'm pretty adamant against the whole Mac Raboy on Kid Eternity thing. It's in all the past research, but Busy Arnold himself said Raboy never worked for Quality.

How are we able to place George Tuska on Archie O'Toole? The cartoon style is so unlike his other stuff.

This is nice because it also corroborates some of my opinions that I've been too unprepared to speak upon.


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