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Make your own comics.

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Very cool

I am unable to read posts online very often, but Iím glad I did today. This is very well written and your points are well-expressed. Please, donít ever stop writing.

This can be fun as long as the new script isn't too tame. If the script is outrageous, GREAT!

This technique has a long tradition. From Maria Reidelbach's COMPLETELY MAD (Little-Brown 1991, p.25): "...Kurtzman sometimes had difficulty coming up with enough material [for MAD]. Here, he lifts the artwork directly from an EC suspense comic and supplies new dialogue, much of it also clipped from other sources [in various languages and alphabets] and dropped into the word balloons. The effect is strangely surreal and at the same time absurdly funny." (MURDER THE HUSBAND, Mad #11.) The mix of English, Chinese, Hebrew, Cyrillic, and Greek really transforms this two-hunters-in-a-canoe page.

Obscene and political texts would be fun too. But not for posting here.  >:D

Making them made me realize how hard lettering is. Even with a computer it was difficult to make it look good. Makes me appreciate the letterer of comics so much more. I gained an appreciation from the bad A Machine at Charlton but even more so now. It was also some really bad coloring in a Charlton that made me appreciate the colorist more.

Trying to view Capnted's image but can't find a link. What do I need to do?


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