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Name That Comic Game!!!

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I am starting a new game here at DCM.
I ran across this type of game somewhere on the net a few years back and I just loved it!
What you will be trying to do is this. Name the comic book from the clues that I will be posting every few days.
There are two different type of clues: Visual and word clues.
A small segment of the cover of the comic will be posted along with a word hint. (It will always be a cover, no interior pages)
The comic will always be one that is on DCM.
O.K. Here we go! ( I hope the scan uploads!!)
Published after 1945...

No idea so far...

Since it is on DCM it is not the Creeper  ::)

Nice guess!!! I had not noticed the color similarities...

 So would it be alright to ask questions like "In what genre would be book usually be placed?," or would things like that usually be part of the clues?


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