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FAQ - My Password No Longer Works or I Can't Remember It! - Read here first


Sorry for your troubles.  Sometimes a member might find they cannot log in on the download site.
Before anything please READ THIS TOPIC and see if the banner click login suggestion works for you.

First this to check - is Javascript running?
REMEMBER - Javasript must be on to login on DCM.  Check this link to see how to activate it if you are not sure how.

Are you seeing the following error message? Login failed...The password does not match the one in our records.
Failed inside $this->usertype->do_login()
. If you believe this to be in error, please quote the above error and report this to the admin

IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE TRY TO LOGIN AGAIN A FEW TIMES.  If it still doesn't work try again in an hour or two a few times.  
I once needed 12 tries over the space of an hour before the software recognized me.  So I now leave myself 'Always logged in' under LOGIN.
IF IT STILL KEEPS FAILING... please try a different web browser if you have one installed.  There is also a chance you might have either lost or miss remembered your password OR OUR software has lost your password which can happen.

*NOTE - sometimes this is a temporary glitch.  Please try a few times and give it a day before using either of the following and remember, if you don't have JAVASCRIPT turned ON you'll never be able to login on the download site.

If you have FORGOTTEN your password -
There is a way to retrieve your current password.  Please read bottom of the following Help section -;page=loginout

Now use the following link to be taken to the Password Reminder page:

If you KNOW your password but the site stlll gives you the above error then you need our help.

Use the CONTACT US link on the download page or this direct link -
And fill in the forum.  Please paste in any error messages you've received.  We can reset your PW and send you it in a new email.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
DCM admin


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