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Author Topic: When Uploading 'FOUND' scans - PLEASE confirm them against GCD  (Read 12724 times)

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When Uploading 'FOUND' scans - PLEASE confirm them against GCD
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:03:16 AM »
Hi Gang,
We Love that members are always on the hunt to try and find books that are missing on DCM!
VIP members like Krac, Darkmark, Prime user and Narfstar have been doing fantastic work finding these elusive books.

Movielover has even created Lists of MISSING OR INCOMPLETE TITLES ON DCM - as an attempt to keep things organized as to what is missing on DCM.  You can find it here -,6943.0.html

Sadly, there are quite a number of scan files out there that have been incorrectly labelled, and they are being uploaded to DCM.   :(

If you think you've found a scan of a missing book and want to upload it to DCM -

GCD has an amazing search feature -

Trusting something found on the net to correctly identify a scan fails every so often.  Unfortunately the same incorrectly named files get shared over and over there.  If we upload such a file we are just perpetuating the problem until a correct version of the book gets scanned and shared.  And if that error is not caught by a member or staff the correct book might never get scanned!

I have even seen the odd GCD listing 'infected' by such mislabeled scans on DCM when they too assume we have the true book.  It's a bugger to correct things once the incorrect file has gone public.

So Uploaders, I know it's a bit of a hassle but please, especially if it's found on DC++, check the scan on GCD.  A little time spent there might save a lot of confusion down the road.  (I quit using DC++ some years ago partially out of the frustration of so many mislabeled scans.  I'm back there now but I still don't trust a download until it's confirmed.)

So again, a HUGE thank-you to the uploaders and please do keep them coming.  We all want to see the holes filled on DCM.  The Staff will do as much as we can as well.  Any members that spot a book incorrectly labelled on DCM - PLEASE let us know in a PM or in a post in the 'Problems with links or scans' section.

Thanks for your time,

PS - when possible, if you see who the original scanner is - it's always nice to mention them in the Description area of the upload form.  Most of you guys do but I thought I'd mention it to any newbie uploaders.  :)

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When Uploading 'FOUND' scans - PLEASE confirm them against GCD
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:03:16 AM »