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Read .cbz Files on Barnes & Noble Nook Color

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Hi Bert,
Yes, if you could name a few CBZ files that don't work on your Nook it might be helpful for uploaders.

Thanks guys, here are a few.  I simplify the titles to read easier, hope you can identify the original.  I believe these are some that were uploaded as .zip then I converted to .cbz that did not open in my Nook Color: Young King Cole v2 5, Northwest Mounties 4, Blue Bolt v5 2, Lost Worlds 6, Air Fighters v2 1, Western Adventure 6, White Princess of the Jungle 3, Mary Marvel 7, Airboy 7, Captain Science 4, Prize 68, Ranger Comics 37, Champ Comics 13, Saint 2, Doll Man 32, Guns Against Gangsters 3, Speed 44, Target v9 10. 

Hopefully there is a way to have all the great .cbr files readable on a Nook Color.  I don't download them as I don't like sitting in front of my laptop to read.

P.S.  Is there any way to identify the file type before starting to download?  Maybe in the name or comments.

Thanks for the list bert.  I'm sure Snard will figure something out here.

When saving the file, if you use Save As, it will show the file type in the file name displayed.

I'm pretty sure you can side-load Android apps on the Nook Color. Perfect Viewer is a free comic book reader app on the Android Market (Play Store) that works great. I sideloaded it onto my Kindle Fire and it opens anything I throw at it. If you have access to the Store download it, transfer it to your device and install it. If you don't have access let me know and I can give you a link to it from my Minus account.

I have noticed a lot more new postings in .zip and .cbz. I would like to thank those who upload in these formats.  Sure makes reading on a Nook Color easy.  One suggestion, is there any way to identify the file type with having to start downloading? 


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