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I have to get back, I haven’t forgotten the thread, of course.
I just wished to gain more focus on my research, and I have little time. We’ll see…

I always find John C's observations very reasonable. For now, about "superheroes as a genre", I just add that he expresses more or less my idea.
Plus, I would like to add that there are some of the weirdest Marvel stories of the 1970s (namely, Steve Gerber's Defenders or the Son of Satan, Omega the Unknown, etc.) which aren’t great, solid stories being "superhero stories", but just because they deal with real people, and in a very intimate way.
I recall a Defenders story by Gerber ("Too cold a night for dying", Giant size Defenders #14, where Trish Starr has just lost her arm) as one of the most deep and touching Marvel stories ever.
Cheers. :)

--- Quote ---Ah, vaillant, that's so good and I'd love to read the rest of the story.
--- End quote ---
@paw, about "Pippo e gli inglesi": I’ll manage to locate a copy for you, I don’t recall its length. Just have patience… :(

paw broon:
Thanks for going to all the trouble.
We did a review of Omega years ago, in our fanzine AKA, which I'm trying to have a friend scan.   When I get it, I'll send you a copy.

paw broon:
My sister-in-law brought me back a small pile of  Frew Phantoms from her holiday in Australia - the benefits of preparing a list and a bit of bribery - and, coincidentally, a couple of weeks later our local library hosted a comics/g.n. night with some local small press companies on hand to chat.  The main talk, however was given by David Bishop, one time editor of 2000AD and the Megazine.  He was very entertaining, informative and funny.  Being a bit slow on the uptake, it was well into his talk when he mentioned the Woman's Mirror - an Aus. weekly which featured The Phantom - when the penny dropped.  David has written over 40 Phantom stories for the Swedish Phantom comic, most of which have also appeared in the Frew editions and I'm fortunate to have some in my collection.  But he told me later that when he submits a story to Semic, or whatever the co. is now, in Sweden, they obviously translate it into Swedish but when the strip goes to Frew it is machine translated back into English, despite David having offered Frew the original English language strip.  No wonder that at times reading a Frew reprint of a Swedish story jars a bit.
The Frew comics are rather poorly produced but it is the only way I can read the Swedish stories.  The Scandinavian Phantom titles are very nice publications.

Hi paw, I have yet to get back with the Jacovitti historical survey, but I delayed because I am interested in considering the war-related stories, starting with "Pippo e gli Inglesi". In fact, I’d also like to consider an english translation. Just be patient…  :(

paw broon:
Nessun problema, vaillant as I'm up to my ears in stuff to read and look at.  More than I can remember in a long time and all because of the good people on here and CB+.  I've said it before but it bears repeating - the more I find out, the more questions there are.


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