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And think of this: italian comics' publications are even worse, and they are tabloid size or more. Ugh. :)

The horror, the horror!
Keep up the fine work, vaillant, good to have you with us!


I've split this into a new International Comics topic to allow scanners to talk about their scanners while the international crowd can enjoy their own topic here.


@Tilliban: thank you. :)
Are you from Germany?

A little off-topic, but I’d like to try to post an example: this is an episode of "I ragazzi di Piazza Cinquecento" ("The Boys of Piazza Cinquecento"), a sort of italian-style "Little Wise Guys" adventure set in the streets of post-war ravaged Italy, from "Il Vittorioso", the first italian comics' publication not relying on foreign productions. It was published by A.V.E., a catholic publisher which wasn’t excessively bothered by the fascist regime because not directly involved in politics. Although early years of "Il Vittorioso" hosted a great deal of nationalism (including "Romano il legionario", a sort of italian counterpart to military-flavored comic books), what’s interesting is that this story, from 1945, features partisans from the italian resistance movements.

And of course, no superheroes. :)

P.S. Scan is from a bound volume, magazine is tabloid size.

@vaillant: That's right, sundancetrance and tilliban are the German branch of DCM.
We are precode horror fans and try to hunt down missing books.

I know about "Il Vittorioso". Italy has a long and great comic culture.
Personally I'm an admirer of that funny genius - Jacovitti.
(the Italian Bill Elder...)

Hi Tilliban,
where did you get acquainted with "Il Vittorioso"?. It would be nice to have an international section to talk about, and compare, historical productions. I am not aware, for example, of a true comics tradition in Germany (meaning a local production).

Did you know that Jacovitti went close to being enrolled in the SS? In fact, there is a scene of a few panels which ran simultaneously to "The Boys of Piazza Cinquecento" (from Jacovitti's story "Ciak"), where Jac makes an inside-joke portraying the boys kicking the SS in their a**. :)

@Yoc: Thanks for splitting the threads, although a little introduction could have been handy.
This could be disorienting, especially for US readers. :)

P.S. Maybe we could write a short cap and edit it in tilliban's first post.  ;)


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