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Cover of Avon's Cow Puncher #7 - signed "JT" or "TT"

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Hi all

I'm trying to figure out who the artist is on the cover of Cow Puncher #7

It's signed either "JT" or "TT" but I can't find an artist at Avon at that time with those initials (using Jerry Bails' Who's Who and the GCD). The only artist even close during this time period is Jimmy Thompson, but looking at scans he seems to sign his name in full (and didn't quite have the GoodGirlArt thing this down pat).

If I didn't know better, I'd say this was by Dave Stevens (but he was -8 at the time)  ;)

Any guesses?


It has to be JT based on the differences but I have no idea if that is Thompson

You're right narf, it's Jimmy Thomson.
He does two interior stories, too.


Thanks for the confirmation that its Jimmy Thompson, JVJ. I'll add that credit to the GCD. I guess the two stories inside that are his are the last two (Six-Shooter Serenade and Gold Makes a Ghost Town!), since the first one is signed by Howard Larsen.



If anyone's interested, there's some info on Jimmy Thompson here:


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