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Here's a site I recently ran across and have been checking out.

It's devoted to pulp magazine artists but since there are a number of the artists listed there who also worked in comics it ties in with our art spotting too.  Each artist profile has a biography by David Saunders, examples of the artist's work and signatures and usually a photo (or drawing) of the artist.

Among the artists I've run across that also worked in comics (and I'm sure there are more because I'm still working my way through the site) are Elmer Wexler, Alex Schomburg, Adolhe Barreaux, Pete Costanza, Henry C. Kiefer H. J. Ward, Max Plaisted, Joe Szokoli, Herb Rogoff, E. R. Kinstler, Allen Anderson, Norman Saunders, Rafael De Soto, Clarence Doore and Wally Wood.



Thanks Joe!

I should have mentioned that the man who put the site together, David Saunders, in addition to being a noted artist himself, has written on pulp artists for Illustration magazine and taught art at several colleges and universities.  

He is also the son of Norman Saunders who was a noted illustrator of pulps, pre-code comics, paperbacks and trading cards (Mars Attacks, Batman).

David has also written a book on his father and his work.

You can get a preview of the entire book at the second link.




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