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fan777 (RIP):
I put together a file as an art spotting exercise and decided to share it with forum members. The focus is on Maurice Whitman, an under-recognized artist who worked for many companies.  He was there when Fiction House folded and was involved with a lot of the last covers and stories.  With the Iger shop's group participation approach to page production, it's been a frustrating process to attribute any page to one particular artist unless he or she signed it.  Jim V tells me to throw out all references to Iger's shop more than three years old.  The preponderence of question marks in the GDC on the 50's production of Jumbo and Jungle presents a challenge for the new art spotter.  We do have more resources than ever before thanks to technology and superb research from the better fanzines like Alter Ego.  Check out my small effort on Whitman and see what you see.  I'm interested in your feedback espescially if you have artistic training. 

I've split this off into it's own topic Carl.

Carl's Maurice Whitman exercise file will go live later today.

In the interest of trying to get people involved:
cover - Ken Bald
Strange Triangle - Edvard Moritz and inker
Bicycle Built for Bliss - Ogden Whitney (signed)
In Love With You - Ralph Owen?
Evergreen Love - Charles Sultan / Sultan ? inks
Love Was a Lawbreaker - Pete Riss / Pete Riss


How about Tex Ritter 42. First story Molno/Fraccio is my guess. There are some faces that look very Molno and some good Fraccio inks. Fraccio could be good when he wanted to be. Second story unk pencil with good Tallarico inks. Third story all Tallarico. Damaged gun ? then Law of the Pack all Tallarico and Renegade Justice Tallarico/Fraccio.  My guesses.

I'll take your word on Molno, narf,
perhaps Nicholas pencils on second, but inks on first two stories are by Alascia - I'm certain. Compare with the third, which is indeed Fraccio. There is no similarity in the surface treatments. Interesting that he is still discernible from Tallarico, despite their many shared traits.
Damaged Guns I think is Nicholas pencils and Alascia inks (those inks overshadow so many pencilers that it is a miracle that we can ID ANYBODY).
I'll take your word on Tallarico/Fraccio on the last one, too. I'd be guessing wildly if I offered a stab at it.



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