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Thanks, Yoc.  I may have to snag that Star Presentation #3 some day soon, as well- Wally Wood doing Jekyll & Hyde?  Sounds great!  And there are several copies on the bay for under 100.

Update:  There are two reprints of the issue on the site, even if the original isn't, so all that would be added is the cover and splash.  Still would be a nice book to add.

Just updated our list to our current collection as of now.


--- Quote from: Yoc on January 14, 2012, 09:57:07 PM ---GILLMOR -12 issues
Weird Mysteries #1 to 12 (Oct. 1952 — Sep. 1954) (ALL)

--- End quote ---

I only see 11 issues here - #12 is missing.

Oh, you are right, thanks for pointing that out.

Possibly the earliest and consciously-made horror comic book:


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