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How to share pages found in DCM scans into a message in this section


Some might want to know how to share a page they'd like to refer to here in the forum.
By far the easiest way to share a page is to copy and paste the page URL that shows in the Preview.
It will look like this example -

If you want to show the image in your reply it's a lot more complicated.

Sadly it seems we can NOT just post a direct link from the Preview to the forum (likely to prevent direct linking by 3rd parties)
so I suggest using an image hosting site like Image Shack which I'm using in this example.
Our apologies that this needs to be so complicated.

Here is what you do.  First, find the page you want to share inside the PREVIEW feature of the book in question.
Now, RIGHT CLICK on the IMAGE in FireFox and select 'Copy Image Location'.
In Explorer RIGHT CLICK on the IMAGE and select PROPERTIES.  You'll need to TRIPLE CLICK on ADDRESS URL and it will ALL go blue.  Now type 'ctrl-C' to copy the address.

Here is where you'll need to use a picture hosting service such as  In ImageShack you don't need to register.  Click on Media Upload and select the URL radio button.  Next left click in the box where it says 'paste image url here' and type 'ctrl-p' to paste the scan image url you copied just before this.
Now click Upload Now.  ImageShack will return with Links to share your image:  Copy the Forum Code entry using 'ctrl-c' again.

Next start a reply in a to pic here on the forum to which ever artist you'd like to comment on and choose the Window pane icon falls directly below the italic letter 'I'.
It will they show the following in the message typing area -
(img)(/img) (with square brackets, I can't get the message to show them as they actually appear)

Finally left click you mouse between the (img)(/img) and PASTE in the url you copied earlier.

So a typical entry would look like this -

PLEASE remember, these images are Very Large at times so please don't share more than two or three pages at most per a message.  Thanks!

members can now use ATTACHMENTS to share examples of pages for viewing as well.
This is especially good for anyone that has a NEW page scan that cannot be found on the site.

When making a REPLY or starting a new topic to add an attachment click on 'ADDITIONAL OPTIONS' at the bottom left of the page.
ATTACH is in bold.  Click Browse and find the image you want to share.
Note the file size max is 1024kb which should be plenty and no more than 4 are allowed per a post.



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