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Can I Request Comics?

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Captain DJ:,21.0.html

Thank you. :)

John C:
As a follow-on:

Can I Get a Scan of a Specific Comic?


We only host comics scanned by others, so we have no control over what get scanned when.  The scanners are also not often formally organized and many have no direct contact with us.

You can make a request in the forums, but don't be surprised if you get no response.  It's nothing personal, just more efficient than every single person in the world to tell you that they're unable to help you individually.  That's also the most common response, as well, since very few scanners are sitting on books just in case someone asks for them.

If you're in absolute need of a specific issue that hasn't yet been scanned and you're on a deadline, your best bet is probably honestly going to be to buy the original comic and scan it on your own.  If you do, don't feel obligated, but we'd love to host a copy of the scan when it's ready.

Good luck!

As another follow up -

Posting links to a specific comic on eBay, etc and asking someone to buy and scan it is not cool.

If you really, really, REALLY want to see a specific book scanned that you found for sale on a site please - buy it yourself and offer it here to one of the resident scanners to scan for you if you can't scan it on your own.

DCM admin


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