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Never got your DCM membership ACTIVATION email? READ HERE FIRST.


Never got your DCM membership ACTIVATION email?

It's been brought to our attention that some people have tried to register for a free DCM membership using a Working email address and have NOT received an ACTIVATION email to complete the process.

NOTE - the email address used MUST be a working address, if it is not you will not get an activation email.  We DO NOT SHARE our members email addresses with ANYONE so do not worry about spam, etc.

*If you've joined DCM in the last twenty-four hours and not received the Activation email PLEASE use the CONTACT US link on the download homepage [CLICK HERE] and fill out our support form.  Once you've sent your message someone on staff will manually finalize you activation.

We are very sorry if we've inconvenienced anyone with this.  Thankfully a large majority of those joining have no such problem.

Admin, DCM

Captain DJ:
I noticed small problem on our server setup in the last few days that was causing some e-mail messages to be rejected by some large companies e-mail servers. Basically it was due to reverse DNS on our mail server IP address. This has now been fixed so if you have not gotten an activation e-mail from us please request a new one and hopefully it will get through now. If not use our support link above.

Some extra pointers to remember when signing up.

* Check for any typos in your email address. We get so many such as and
* If you have got an e-mail account with any sort of spam guard (mainly ones that send an e-mail to sender requiring them to click a link to confirm it was sent by a human) please add to the approved list before signing up or requesting a new activation e-mail.


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