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Yes, there is MASTER LIST of all the comics on DCM!

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THANKS Yoc....Great to know

All the efforts for making this such a GREAT site, are very much appreciated!!

You are welcome T.
DCM is a wonderful group effort.  The scanners who supply us with so many new books each month, the donors who help keep the bills paid like yourself, and the staff who try to keep it all organized and working.  Without all of us there wouldn't be a site.


Yes, I think EVERYONE deserves a big thank you! It's nothing short of amazing to think what a relatively small group of people have done pooling time, talent, treasure, and stacks of old yellowing paper!!! I'm just happy to have contributed a few scans here and there.  :)


John C:
While I have a few seconds, I'd like to echo that and correct a small oversight.  To those of you who don't contribute scans or money, I'd like to thank you all for the discussion.  If there weren't a bunch of people to talk to, I doubt the other groups would be contributing a heck of a lot.  So while concrete work is greatly appreciated, those of you who stop by to introduce yourselves and talk about comics are equally valued even when less visible.

Maybe not so much the people who just download.  Eh.

I always like to comment "please contribute comics, cash or comments. I agree comments are a very important part of these sites.


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