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Yes, there is MASTER LIST of all the comics on DCM!

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I have searched numerous ways for multiple comic listings and come up with only  8,996 titles of the more than 11,000  available on the site.

Not knowing of a comics existence, is not knowing to search for it at all.

Is there such a file somewhere (just for reference)?

Currently there is only one way to get a 'Master List' of all scans hosted on DCM and it's a function that generates an EXCEL spreadsheet CSV file.
Here is the link -
Note there will be several that appear to be broken links but actually just lead to the real download page such as some entries in the Archives and IW sections.

Very nice!!

Can't get this to work anymore.

An excel sheet is generated but the info is not there???? Only on line 1....0     name    1    2    description

Am I doing something wrong now or has this been eliminated????


It's seems to be broken.
Sorry T.  I don't know when it will be back but when it is I'll let everyone know here.


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