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I've searched all over DCM for this title, as well as questions about -- or references to -- this title in the forums, and have come up with nothing.  :(  Are there any here that I've missed somehow?  Also... I have about half a dozen issues of this long-running four-page giveaway comic. Most are comic-sized, some are tabloid-sized. Is it permissible to upload them here?

I don't THINK we have any of the issues here.  Assuming one of our PD experts can clear them, I would LOVE to see them here and I think a lot of other people would as well.  Other than knowing this was one of the earliest comic books out there I really don't know anything about it.

Wait for the word from one of our PD experts before posting them, but if they're eligible this is exactly the sort of rare item I- and a lot of others- love to see.  Even if it's not PD, thank you kindly for the offer!

GCD only has 30 covers in its gallery and 17 issues indexed from a title that ran over 420 issues (1933-1941) so it sounds pretty rare to me.



Considering how many high-ticket comics are on this site, I was kind of amazed that there seemed to be no examples of this title. At any given time, there are half a dozen or so on eBay, starting at around $15 each. I guess none of the members here have any.

From what my research has told me, the rights were (are?) owned by the Gulf Oil Company, and the book was printed by the Eastern Color Printing Company from 1933-1941.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Zv7AoDXjOEM/TjsDEIMPb1I/AAAAAAAAEJg/H77t0P4NUk4/s1600/Bill+Thailing.jpgIn the early 1980s, I ordered a a catalog of comic books (and related items) from Bill Thailing of Cleveland, OH (pictured above, if I got the HTML to work correctly). His catalog was full of personal notations, including a long story about his "love" for Gulf Funny Weekly. He was still looking for a few filler issues, and had several doubles for sale. I was intrigued about the title, and although I didn't order any directly from him, I started looking for them at comic shops. It took me several years to find one in a second-hand paper shop (not a comic store). Sometime in the 1990s, I wrote a letter to Mr. Thailing (who passed away in 2003) and received a very nice response. He never did get a complete collection!

Thanks to eBay, I did manage to score a few. Again, I hope I can submit them here. Maybe more people will do the same.

John C:
It's not a perfect search, but I don't see anything with "Gulf" in the title in the periodical renewal compilation:


Without going month-by-month to confirm, and without seeing an issue to make sure that's the actual publication title, that suggests it's probably not renewed.

Of course, if nobody has a copy to scan, the point is a bit moot, but that's an entirely different issue.


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