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New 'Latest 300 Uploads' links now available (including a '-fixed' files filter)



With Yoc's assistance, I have created a new "Last 300 uploads" page with a few new features, which power users may find useful.

The base URL for this page is:

This will display the same "last 300 uploads" that the "stats2.php" page shows. However, there are a few new options:

will filter out any uploads whose names end with the text "fixed". This eliminates the recent "-fixed" files from appearing in the list.

You can also change the number of files that are displayed. For example, if you would rather only see the last 50 uploads, and also not display "fixed" files, you can type:

I hope people find this useful.

Thanks very much for this great addition to the site Snard.
Knowing we will be sharing a LOT more fixed files in the future this will help out many veterans to the site that don't need to download any of them.

darkmark (RIP):
This is good.  Thanks.

Geo (RIP):
Great options Snard, thanks for taking your time to do this for us here, we do appreciate it.



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