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Hey gang,
Let's all welcome DCM German member Tilliban's First Scan - a wonderfully gory Canadian precode horror comic -
Journey Into Fear 020!

Tillian uploaded it twice, the first a MASSIVE 300dpi version that is almost too big for one file on DCM but wow it looks Nice!
The second version a much smaller 19mb one for those on a bandwidth budget.  ;)

Thanks T and I hope we get to see more!

And now Another new one from T!!

Hand of Fate 008!


Dear DCM-Gang!
Let me say that I am a big admirer of your fine work.
Being from Germany and living in Cologne the DCM is the MAIN source for us europeans to ever lay an eye upon those comic books.
My hobby are precode horror comic books - and I run my own (german!) website about them:
In my opinion every owner of old comic books should donate scans to the DCM.
I'm specializing now in hunting down unscanned issues.
Be prepared to see some more next month - BAFFLING / BEYOND / SPOOK / HAND OF FATE / WEB OF EVIL aaaand JOURNEY INTO FEAR #21.
I know how to tease.

Thank you for the scans, Tilliban, and looking forward to more.

Not every owner of old books is able or willing to scan them, but for every new one like you who we find that is the collection grows.  So thanks again.

Geo (RIP):
Welcome aboard T, and thank you again for the ones you've given so far.
I am and I'm sure others are looking forward to your next scan.



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