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Seniorita Rio & Tiger Girl collected edition


i have collected the Siniorita Rio & Tiger Girl stories in one digital volume, but it's 300 MB in size, anyone interested in letting me know how to upload it to DCM ?

Thanks for doing it but that's too big for DCM in one file.
Please separate them into separate Tiger Girl and Rio collections.  We don't recommend files over 100mb but we can go as high as 125 when pushed.  So if you've got one file at say 180mb, please create two files of 90mb and call them pt1 and pt2.
Finally, I hope you've read the problems with file names that Moon has been having and follow the advice I gave him.  It would be a shame to work so hard and spend time uploading to only have the pages out of order!
Please read here for details-

You can follow an illustrated tutorial on how to upload here -
Remember - no special characters in file names and use three digit leading numbers in file names.

Or you can FTP the files as well if you are familiar with the process.


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