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Author Topic: Are you a member but you can't login to download on DCM? READ HERE FIRST!  (Read 16759 times)

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NOTE - There might be a delay of 24-36hrs before new accounts are recognized by the main download site as active. 
Please wait that long before contacting us.  Also check below for common login problems.


Hi there,

Log in here on the forum - next left click on the Downloads link at the top of this forum page beside the orange HOME button on the left side of the page.

You should be taken to the download site and already be logged in.  (You will see "Logged in as: XXXX"  where the x's is your name showing above the DCM banner.)

If it doesn't work on your first try you might have to log OUT of the Forum, log back IN again, and then left click Downloads button to open the download site.

You should show as be logged in on the downloads site.

Note - if Javascript is NOT turned on for your system the above will not work.  See below.

If you are getting an error message like these below here's some things to try BEFORE you ask for help.
Error: Login failed...There was an error locating the details for this user
Failed inside $this->usertype->do_login()
. If you believe this to be in error, please quote the above error and report this to the admin


Login failed...The password does not match the one in our records.
Failed inside $this->usertype->do_login()
. If you believe this to be in error, please quote the above error and report this to the admin

Here is our suggestions, please try them before contacting the staff.

The login error you are getting we see that from time to time.  We aren't exactly sure what causes it.  First off we always tell people give it a day or two and see if the error is still there.  Frequently the problem just fixes itself. 

We also remind everyone to be sure javascript is turned on.
Check this link to see how to activate it if you are not sure how:
You might try more than one web browser application.  Brave, FireFox, Chrome, etc.
If you are on FireFox and use NO SCRIPT please add us to the white list or turn off N.S. and see if that helps.  Maybe try from work, a friends or the library to see if perhaps it's your connection?  We have seen that happen a few times.

If the problem still persists after all that the only thing we can do is try changing your password and test your new name/pw by doing a download.  If it works I will email you and/or send a Private Message from here.  Once logged in you can enter your Profile and change the PW to a new one, but be sure it's WITHOUT any special characters (which can sometimes bother the software).

And if all of THAT fails we can delete the buggy account and start a new one giving you a new name/pw/email.  But if Java isn't running it doesn't matter what account you try to use.

The majority of the time the problem sorts itself before we had to do any of that. If you Still have problems downloading after trying these let us know.

PLEASE use the CONTACT US link on the download homepage [CLICK HERE] and fill out our support form.  Once you've sent your message someone on staff will try to help you.

Admin, DCM

Digital Comic Museum