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New Donation System - Please read!

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Captain DJ:
Just head up guys. Some donations are not auto sent back to site when they are processed so might not appear on the site straight away. Do not panic as they will be added to site once they have been manually added. If you are unsure if we got the payment just let us know in the forum or click on this Contact Us link.

Hi, DCM!

I just tried making a donation for you via PayPal, but it turned out more troublesome than I had expected.

So, to make a long story short, I'd like to know if a donation can only be made via the PayPal-option?

Isn't there some other way for you to receive it?
I'd really like to help support this great site.


Ps, sorry if this question is in the wrong thread. I'm quite new at the forum.

Captain DJ:
At the moment we only accept donations via Paypal since our server costs etc are all paid via Paypal so less hassle for us if we just use it.

If you wish to suggest other ways we can accept donations your more than welcome to and we will then look into it and see if it worth accepting.


captain bat:
Thank you for making this happen,I'm happy to have donated,and the FTP access is a cool thing as a reward. I think it should be used as an incentive for more to donate to the museum every month,I know I would set money aside for this purpose!   :)

Donated yesterday, no problem with paypal dead easy.

Didn't get an email with FTP login details though.

Any ways real good stuff. :)


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