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New Donation System - Please read!

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Captain DJ:
Hi all.

Just to let you all know we have changed the donation system slightly. The donations are now handled via the forum. Upon visiting the donation page you are able to donate set amounts or other and upon donating your account auto gets VIP status upon paypal confirmation.

The donation page will also show the amount required for the bills for the month to show you how much we are away from our currently target.  Our monthly goal is now $238 for sever costs.

All donations will be listed on this page as a thank you but this is optional and up to the user if they want to be thanked.

To make a donation please click on this link: DONATE to DCM

The backend for admin users has also changed. In the past 1 of the admin team was in charge of donations, it has now been opened up so all admin can see how much is in the paypal account and a daily log book of incoming and outgoing expenses. DCM has always been run as a not for profit website and all money goes back into projects or server bills etc and also allows maybe in future for staff to post monthly/yearly budgets to show users/VIPs where the money has been spent.

If you have any questions about any of this please be sure to post a reply or let us know.

Thanks for installing this Capt!
And I hope our membership will please consider any small donation towards helping with our monthly server bill.  Any amount will help and we certainly appreciate it.

Donators will be given a VIP status upgrade with a guarantee that they will never have a download limit placed on them in the future if we should have to install one.


Captain DJ:
Just to update to inform all users. I have added a new piece of code to the website which at fixed amounts of bandwidth usage will display a small pop-up asking you to help support us if you are able to.

This is just a small overlay which can be quickly dismissed if you are unable to help support us.

This pop-up will occur only once every time you hit one of the milestones. The milestones currently stand at: 1GB, 2GB, 5GB 10GB, etc etc up in 5GB increments.

VIP's will not see these messages as they have been disabled for you as a thank you for already donating.

Just a reminder as well DCM is run like a not for profit organization. All money received is put back into the site to pay for server / bandwidth bills, to invest in new equipment, faster connections and new features.

Thanks for listening.

Captain DJ

Captain DJ:
Now and again we get a donation which has a comment which I only get to see. I have decided to list these comments so they can be seen by all.

--- Quote ---Yoc & Crew -- Happy Anniversary! DCM is a true treasure and the love and dedication you show for it is noted. All the best. Chris aka Boox909
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---What can I say? DCM is the best! Thanks for so many hours of fun. clarkkent54321
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---realized just how much i've downloaded and enjoyed from the site - thanks for all your efforts - chasman
--- End quote ---

more to come soon

Thanks for sharing them Capt.  And thanks to Boox, Clark and Chas for the nice comments.


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