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It would save us a bit of time if I knew how to establish which were the non PD pages in a British Black Magic,or other publication, reprint - the only thing I can detect is a A*** serial number at the beginning of some stories, or do you just identify the artist? I hope you wear a blindfold and stout gloves while doing any necessary editing!

A bit of everything, really.  Job number is one clue, "look" is another.  The first page blurb that name-checks the title of the book, like "astonishing" or "mystic" is a third.

Maybe somebody else can explain it better, I know those are the reasons I pulled the book until I could discuss it with the other staff.  Even then, I wasn't positive; I just wanted to discuss it.

Hi jimpy,
thanks again for all the scans you've been doing.
Alan Class used a lot of Atlas books which almost always had job numbers at the start.
Now, the way I confirmed the Black Magic book was I went to GCD at this link:

I looked the name of a uniquely named story under SEARCH and selected 'Story Title' and confirmed the first half of your scan were indeed from a Prize comic and which original issue.

I then checked a story title that wasn't listed in the original Prize issue and turned up that the rest of the book contained a few stories from an Atlas Astonishing and Mystic Comics.

Marvel/Atlas/Timely and DC/National Comics are the two most common publishers we can NOT allow on the site.
There's a more complete list of which publishers are safe and not safe in the 'What you can upload' section.

In your Black Magic case the majority of the book was safe for DCM, only the second half wasn't good.
If you need more help you can contact me via a Private Message.

Take care,

Atlas Tales at http://www.atlastales.com/ is also a good place where you can check on many Atlas and Timely era Marvel comics.  You can do searches by job number, story title. creator or story character.



Drusilla lives!:
Btw, what's up with the DELL "Space Man" title?... Is it PD? 

I've got one issue from 1960 or something... which would make it early SA, not GA... but if it's PD, I'd gladly scan it and upload it (if not here, perhaps to GAC).


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