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Eerie Tales #1 by Hastings


Can I upload:  Eerie Tales #1 (Nov 1959) from Hastings Associates, Inc.?
This has 52 pages in black amd white - possibly magazine size.

The indicia says: "Entire contents copyright 1959".    But I could not find any renewal in the sources DCM recommends.   So I believe it to be PD.

I also have: From Here To Insanity_v3 #1 (Apr 1957) by Charlton.  Sixty eight pages in black and white.  Likely a magazine size competitor  to MAD Magazine.
DCM has some of Charlton's earlier color comics of the same name.

This should be okay to upload based on your responses to Poztrons query about Mad imitators on Nov. 05, 2010.   But I thought I should ask just in case the policy has changed.


Hi deni,
Sure, feel free to upload both of those.  Thanks!
Check the FAQ if you have any questions on how to do it and if you have anything not covered there just ask us here.


 The Eerie Tales #1 issue is very interesting. Thank you for letting us have a look at that.


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