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I have been staring at everybodys avatar on this site for some time now and had an idle thought.
What decision went into picking/choosing the avatar that you have?
Mine is pretty simple. I did some portraits of everyone a few years ago, all wearing the same black turtle neck, against a black background.
I was inspired by the cover of the "Meet the Beatles" album from way, way back in the day.
I am contemplating my next comic book aquisition....
Hmm... perhaps a Matt Baker Phantom Lady, or a Mac Raboy Captain Marvel Junior...
(I always go for the good artist in making an acquisition)


I like to change my avatar. I have a jungle man swinging at GAC. My last one here was THE MOTH. I like obscure characters so no telling who I might use next. It is about time to switch GAC.

My avatar is Mr. Snard from the "Crime at No. 9" funny animal comics printed by Fox. And, no, he is NOT the inspiration for my nickname; it's a coincidence. My nickname was chosen years before I discovered that there was a funny animal character with this name. Honest!

I drew mine, based on a child's wash-cloth puppet thing I picked up as a joke. I'm not sure if the original is a bear, I say it's a monkey.

All of the Fox Phantom Lady books have been scanned B. so I'd go with Fawcett, Quality or Harvey who rarely let us down and don't get enough attention.  Or Prize!

Years ago I saw my monkey in it's original picture floating on the net and loved him.  He's every where out there.  He's been great for turning into various avatars though I wish I had another angle of the same monkey.

Royg's hand puppet is one of my favourites here on DCM.  :)


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