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Well, crud.  O'Neill was a truly extraordinary artist.  I think I have everything he did the last 20+ years and a lot from before, he was unfortunately also a slow artist.  But it's hard to fault that when the results were so amazing.

RIP Aline Kominsky-Crumb (1948 - November 29, 2022):

Lou Mougin (darkmark)  11.27.1954 - 12.31.2022
We're very sad to hear long time member/supporter/contributor Lou Mougin recently passed away.

Lou was very, very passionate about our shared hobby and the site.  In the last while he was busy working more on his writing both in prose and for comics like Lucky Comics (Foxforce) and many others.  He posted some plugs for them here on the forums.  Lou did have some writing in Marvel so I think it's fitting that he's in this professional obits section.

He did several comics pro interviews in the early 90s with some big names that you can see on YouTube here:

A better picture of Lou is on this site:

There's a 2005 interview with him here:

And another interview (unknown date):

Here's a Michelle Nolan review of Lou's 'Secondary Heroes of the Golden-Age' book that is full of praise!

And Mark Evanier shares his own post on Lou here:

paw broon:
I am so sorry to hear of darkmark's passing.  My thoughts are with his family and friends.
While familiar with both names, in my ignorance I didn't realise it was the same person. 
In my book, anyone who researches and documents obscure Superheroes and masked mystery men is a star. 
I've spent decades digging but have come nowhere near Lou's quantity and quality of description.
A sad day.


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