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There was so much more than that FF style, narf. He did begin that way, but quickly moved on. That echo was primarily the result of requests by art directors to mimic Frazetta. Check out the variety and sheer scope of ability here:

Peace, Jim (|:{>

wow, very sad news...

Jones was very much a talent. To me I still can not get past my first notice of the work being "like" Frazetta but not as much detail. Jones always looked like an impressionistic version of a realistic painter. I know my artist taste is unrefined but I always considered the realistic painter as the more talented. I know the reasons that is not always the case but that is how it registers to me. Not to take away from Jones some great stuff. Beautiful Idyll statue. Enjoyed your retrospective Jim

And another great has passed on.  Adding this to the depressing thread here -
R.I.P. Gene Colan: 1926 - 2011

Mark Evanier's blog

Blake Bell is starting a series of reminiscences on Gene here -



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