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John C:
The news could be more pleasant, but we've lost Joanne Siegel during the week and Dwayne McDuffie today.  Hopefully, the work both of them started (the Superman rights and introducing minorities to comics, respectively) will continue, rather than end up a footnote.,0,256504.story

 I knew about Joanne Seigel's death but this is the first that I had heard about Dwayne McDuffie. The second death I find very unexpected.

 What can be said? Bless them both.

Thank-you for starting this topic John.

John C:
While I'm not a huge fan of Kurt Busiek's, his comments regarding McDuffie seemed somehow worth repeating.

"When I first met Dwayne, he was campaigning against the name 'Black Thrasher' in the NEW WARRIORS pitch, and doing a survey of what percentage of male African-American superhero characters at Marvel rode skateboards or dressed like poultry. It wasn't a low number."

Is it wrong that I want to see that list...?

Not comics but who said life was only about comics...
Sad news all the same.


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