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Is there a way to discover what is a complete collection?


So far, it would seem I am 4 comics away from a complete Airboy collection.

v02 #12 (not complete)
v03 #03
v07 #09
v09 #06


Absolutely TB.
A vital source of comics information (all ages, not just GA) is the Grand Comics Database (click here).
It is searchable so just enter the name of the title and hit Search.  You can also search for publishers, artist, writers, even characters and story titles!

A few of our members here are on staff at GCD as well.

I've been on that site before...

But is it linked up to here?

How could I find out which set of comics listed here is a complete collection?

Or do I have to go back and forth between the sites to figure it out?
----and if I do, is there a way to take my discoveries and include "complete" in the title descriptions on DCM?

No, we aren't directly connected to GCD. 
You would have to check our collection against the GCD entry to confirm exactly which issues are missing from a title. 
We only list issues we have, not what is needed.

We do list how many issues were published for each title in their description section and TRY to update it to 'Complete Series!' when we finish one.  See the Avon section for example and search for 'Complete Series' there-

If you find we have a complete series and haven't updated the entry for it on DCM please let us know.



Thank you for the quick replies.


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