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1952 Heckle and Jeckle #8 I checked and can find no renewal. Actually I could not find any Heckle and Jeckle Comics renewed. What do you think John? Are the talking magpies a safe comic? The original was copyright.


I searched the copyright and it looks to me like Paul Terry's Comics was only copyright to issue 113. Can anyone confirm and would we want to put 114-125 onsite?

If they are safe I'd rather CB+ handle it Narf.  They've been more brave about some things than I am.

I would like someone with more experience to confirm my findings on Heckle and Jeckle renewal and Paul Terry Comics

John C:
Been busy, here, but hopefully I'll get there soon.

Short version, though, if you can't find the renewal, the significant fear with licensed works (which I'd never be able to figure out, obviously) is that they're direct adaptations of something that's still covered by copyright.  While it's technically still public domain, who wants to have the discussion with users that the book is public domain but almost nothing inside it is, or the equivalent discussion with the owners.


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